Alex’s 30th Birthday Tree

$1500 for a Tree in Prospect Park

$200 of $1500 goal

Hey ya’ll! For a big birthday like this one I wanted everyone to get Alex something extra special. As we all know the guy loves being outside in nature. One if his favorite places in NYC is Prospect Park, which we consider our “front yard”. I’d love for Alex to have a gift that he could have forever and watch grow over the years. I know surprising him with this tree from everyone would be the best gift to commemorate his 30th. SO LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Here’s a link to the trees site for you to check out. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated! You can give any way that you prefer but her are some options Venmo (@thensleyyy) and Zelle (513-532-2297). I’ll be updating the chart above every time there is a contribution. Thanks so much this is going to be the best birthday present ever!